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South Gloucestershire Social Care Procedures Manual

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South Gloucestershire COVID19 Policy Developments: COVID19 requires that all staff work in ways that both protect and support children and families whilst also keeping themselves safe.

Documents Library

For effective practice, Social Care practitioners should use the chapters in the manual in conjunction with the latest South Gloucestershire policies and guidance: see Documents Library.

South Gloucestershire is implementing Signs of Safety, for which front line children's services staff have been trained. An update on the implementation of Signs of Safety can be found at the Intranet, Signs of Safety page and in the documents library of this manual.

All of the procedures in this manual should be used with the Signs of Safety approach and where appropriate using the Signs of Safety tools. These tools are available in Capita One to print out as Quick Reports. They can also be found on the intranet on the Signs of Safety page and within the documents library of this manual.

For policies and procedures relating to safeguarding please click on the South Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Partnership button below.

In order to be notified by email each time this manual is updated you are requested to register for updates by using the 'Register for Updates' button and submitting your details to tri.x.

This manual will be updated every 6 months and the next update is scheduled for September 2023.

Please see How to use this Manual for details about the way this manual works. For further details please contact Linda Fraser:


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