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March 2021

CAPTION: March 2021
Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Capacity and Consent

Information has been added in relation to NICE Quality Standard: Decision-Making and Mental Capacity (see new Section 6, NICE Quality Standard: Decision-Making and Mental Capacity), and was also updated to add information on a High Court case in relation to consent in the context of the use of medication to suppress puberty (see ‘Consent to the Use of Medication to Suppress Puberty’).

Please re-reference.
Children and Young People Aged 0-25 with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

This chapter was amended: Section 15, Resolving Disagreements was updated to reference recent case-law holding that, as part of the mediation process, a parent/child/young person is entitled to bring along any supporter they wish, including a lawyer.

Please re-reference.
Families with No Recourse to Public Funds

This chapter has been fully revised and amended and replaces a similar chapter. It covers an area of practice which is subject to legal change and legal advice must be sought as necessary.

Some provisions of the Immigration Act 2016 have come into force, while others are yet to come into force. Provisions which have not yet come into force include provisions that will end asylum support for refused families, limit the availability of Home Office support for refused asylum seekers, and introduce reforms to local authority support provision for destitute families and care leavers who have no immigration status.

Please re-reference.
Placements in Secure Accommodation on Welfare Grounds

A new Section 10, Use of Inherent Jurisdiction to Authorise a Placement Involving a Deprivation of Liberty When One or More of the Relevant Criteria Under Section 25 Children Act 1989 are Not Satisfied has been added. Section 6, Placements of Children under 13 years has been updated following publication of revised DfE guidance. A revised link was also added to Secure Children’s Homes.

Please re-reference.
Notifications of Significant Events This procedure was updated to reflect the latest Ofsted guidance for social care providers on the types of incident which they consider to be serious and which will therefore require notification to the regulatory authority. Please re-reference.
Holidays and School Trips Outside the UK

This guidance has been reviewed and updated. Section 5, Insurance was updated to include details of how to apply for a Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) which provides access to reduced cost or free medical insurance in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland. Section 6, Obtaining a Passport has also been updated to link to reissued Home Office guidance for Local Authorities Children’s Services Departments when Applying for Passports on Behalf of Children.

Please re-reference.

Education of Looked After and Previously Looked After Children

This chapter was updated to reflect changes from the revised Working Together to Safeguard Children. (See Section 8.1, Child Protection Policy and Procedures). Please re-reference.
Assessment and Approvals of Foster Carers A revised link was added to Prepare for a review panel: adopters and foster carers. (See Section 9, Representations / Independent Review Procedure). Please re-reference.
Review and Termination of Approval of Foster Carers A revised link was made to Prepare for a review panel: adopters and foster carers. (See Section 6.1, Proposal to Terminate Foster Carer’s Approval). Please re-reference.
Assessment and Approvals of Prospective Adopters A revised link was made to Prepare for a review panel: adopters and foster carers. (See ‘Representations / Independent Review Procedure’). Please re-reference.

Access to Birth Records and Adoption Case Records

This chapter was given a general refresh throughout and information added on applying for a copy of a birth certificate online, (see Section 2, Access to Birth Records). Please re-reference. Please re-reference.

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Next Update: September 2021


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